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The Tsar's Banker

 ......begins the Tagleva trilogy of novels

The Tsars Banker.jpg

A desperate flight across Tsarist Russia as it descends into revolutionary chaos

It is said that not all the Romanov's fabulous wealth fell into the hands of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, and that a fortune in jewels and money was dispatched by Tsar Nicholas to the Bank of England for safekeeping.

Philip Cummings, sent to collect the final consignment, finds his transport home mysteriously leaves without him. Trapped by the Russian Revolution, he is forced to escape across the heart of Russia. 

As the  excesses of Romanov aristocracy meets the passion and brutality of Russian revolutionary zeal Russia descends into chaos,  and Philip's journey becomes ever more desperate.

Who has betrayed him and why do they want him dead?

"Impeccably researched, this book sweeps you up and completely transports you into the middle of Tsarist Russia" 

"A thrilling book with a shocking ending

make this book a real rollercoaster ride" 

" The real life conspiracy theory of Dan Brown and the glamour of Ian Flemming at their best"  

"I couldn't put it down. The characters drew me into the story immediately "

"A story so credible that you will wonder  if the Bank of England still stores Romanov jewels in it's vaults"

Does the Bank of England still have Romanov jewels in it's vaults?

As recently as 1960 sir Edward Peacock, then Director of the Bank of England, stated:

"I am pretty sure there was never any money of the Imperial Family of Russia in the Bank of England, nor in any other bank in England. Of course it is difficult to say "never".

Read The Tsar's Banker and decide for yourself

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