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The Tagleva Trilogy


A fast paced saga following the fortunes of the Tagleva banking family as they walk the corridors of power in St Petersburg, Paris and London during the Russian Revolution. They endure and then thrive through two world wars, with scandal and betrayal stalking them at every step until they arrive at the final scene and a truly shocking revelation within the heart of the Vatican.  

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The Tsar's Banker

ISBN 978-0-9955423-3-4

Philip Cummings hated change, but when his high-flying job at the Bank of England takes him to Russia he's caught up in the chaos, violence and vengeance of the Bolshevik revolution. Philip must survive double-cross and cold-blooded murder if he's to bring the beautiful Countess Sophie Tagleva, her wounded brother, a chest full of the Tsar's jewels, and secret papers out of Russia.

- Who betrayed Philip and why do they want him dead?

- Does the Bank of England still store the Romanov jewels in it's vaults?

I Spy the Wolf.jpg

I Spy the Wolf

ISBN 978-0-9955423-0-3

When Michael Tagleva visits Germany, he is welcomed as a distinguished guest by the Nazis. But with Adolph Hitler growing in power, not everything is as it seems.

Michael soon finds himself in a labyrinth of deceit and double-cross as he races to uncover the plot and thwart those that conspire to destroy his family and force Britain to surrender to Germany.

Who are the British aristocrats conspiring with the Nazis and how is the Bank of England involved in the plot?

A Duty to Kill.jpg

A Duty to Kill

ISBN 978-0-9955423-5-8

Even as the Allies inch ever closer to winning the war a traitorous plot is hatched to restore Nazi Germany to world prominence.

In the thick of fighting to liberate Paris, Major Michael Tagleva becomes embroiled in a desperate race against time to protect his country from a web of intrigue  stretching across Europe and into the heart of the Vatican. Discovering the architect of the plot he realises he may be too late to stop it.

Copyright ©2021 Stephen Davis

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